Just would love some help.. Thank you

Šeit varam meklēt palīgus spēļizstrādē un citās ar to saistītās lietās, piedāvāt savu palīdzību un prasmes
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Just would love some help.. Thank you

#1 Post by Starfall » 15 Jul 2020, 11:13

Hi, I'm a fairly new game developer from Latvia, just a while back stopped attending "Alberta Koledza" in the "datorspelu izstraade" field.
Since I'm new in the field in Latvia , I was wondering what are the best places to look for a job in really anything related to game dev. I've made so far a 2d game with a few levels and enemies, pickups. I'm currently also as my own project am working on a 3d game, based in a kind..of - open world-ish world. There's still a lot to be done, but yeah.. I just wanted to vaguely describe my past experience with this kind of stuff.
I'd be interested in a full time job or part time.. Even minimal pay job just so I get experience to get into bigger, more experienced companies.. Because of all the jobs I've looked around for.. Require so many years of experience.. and yet here I am sitting with barely anything. I'm completely down with learning anything I'm required to, and I'm fully ready to adapt to anything that's needed. It's difficult to find a job for game dev in Latvia, so I was wondering if any of you fellow game devs, have any good pointers in where I could find something I'm looking for.. Anything really works.. I do live around the region of Talsi though. I don't ask for anything much, but for something.. This is my dream job and I am 100% commited. Plus, it would be fun if the job had some creative expression, as I am a fairly creative person, occasionally working on custom wallpapers for people in Photoshop. But yeah.. thank you a lot for reading, I hope you can give me some pointers in the right direction , or actual good places to look for gave dev employment around the country. Oh and.. I'm able to communicate in English, Latvian , German.. I also am able to vaguely speak Russian but It's honestly my weakest of the 3.
Thank you for taking your time and reading. Games have always been a life, now I just hope I can transition this in making games for others to enjoy as well.

p.s the assets visible below are free assets from unity store.
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